Chris Trengove Mentoring Services for scriptwriters and authors


Jacky and Pieter repeated they found your workshop very, very interesting, so thanks again!Leen Vanderschueren, Administrator Flanders Animation Fund workshop 2015


Fees are calculated at a rate of £36.00 per ¾ hour Skype, FaceTime or ’phone session if booked in a block of three or more. You can also proceed on an ad hoc basis, booking and paying for one session at a time at a rate of £39.00 per ¾ hour. All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance by bank transfer or PayPal.

In the first place I will discuss your project with you, taking into account the stage it is at and the amount of work likely to be needed, and give you a written schedule and projected overall cost. Fees include all analytical and editorial work carried out by me in preparation, so there are no hidden costs (unless previously agreed upon.)

Contact me in the first place at chtrengove@gmail.com - I look forward to discussing your project with you.