Chris Trengove Mentoring Services for scriptwriters and authors

Thank you so much for your ideas and input… also for loads of encouragement and tailored-to-fit consulting on story and dialogue.Andrea Block, Prime4Kids&Family workshop 2011

The writers’ workshop experience – online

STORYLINE is an online mentoring service for writers, made-to-measure for those who are working on a project – film, TV or book – and aiming for production or publication. The project may be at any stage from concept to late draft, and participants may be writers, creators, writing partners or writer/producer teams.

As an established working writer, I have often given talks about writing and taught courses. I have also led numerous writing workshops, both in the UK and Europe, and have found them to be inspiring for both student and mentor. Being part of a focused, collaborative process allows writers to more easily address the often tortuous process of development, without compromising their creative signature.

In these workshops I have helped turn designs into animation series, concepts into screenplays and synopses into books. With STORYLINE, I am offering a personal, tailor-made version of this process to writers wherever they live and work.